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It is about you!
Beautiful, Radiant, Youthful & Confident

We would all like to stop or at best, slow down the natural aging process however it is inevitable that the older we become, our skin may not age alongside our body and mind. However we are able to turn the clock back a little if we wish! Collagen Face Centre provides a number of ways in which we may retain our youthful appearance or correct those areas damaged by trauma, disease, illness, genetic predisposition and injury.

Dr Peter Bakaric

One of Australia's leading cosmetic physicians

Regarded as Australia’s pre-eminent authority on skin care, anti-ageing and wrinkle reduction.

Dr Bakaric established

Australia’s first dedicated cosmetic medicine practice, the Collagen Face Centre, in Sydney in 1983. He was a founding member of the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Physicians and is Director of the Skin Cancer Centre.

Dr Bakaric’s professional experience

and his reputation for being constantly abreast of the newest and best medical cosmetic methods available from around the globe, have led to his client list including some of Australia’s most high profile people in the media, social, entertainment, business and public arenas.